Welcome to Agassiz-Harrison Community Services!

Agassiz-Harrison Community Services is located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and has over thirty years of history providing support and service to the region. With a staff of 18, we are a multi-service agency providing over twenty programs with budgets ranging from $2,000.00 to $300,000.00.

Our agency has three locations. The main office building situated in the heart of Agassiz provides facilities for Alcohol and Drug as well as Family counseling and support. Youth Outreach and Youth Justice Programs also operate from this location. The Food Bank, Administration, Community Employment Services, and our Youth Activity Centre are all located within the main office building.

The Early Childhood Resource Centre (Family Place) is located in a newly redecorated building at 7272 Morrow Road. Parents with children between the ages of new born to six years old attend with their parents to play and learn within a bright and comforting area.

Our social enterprise operation (The Thrift Store) is our third location and it is here that the generous donations of the community are recycled to provide financial support for the services and programs of our agency. The Thrift Store is staffed entirely by volunteers on a six day a week basis.

All of the programs and counseling services of Agassiz-Harrison Community Services are available to anyone within the combined communities of the District of Kent and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. All of this is provided to our clients without any cost to them.