The Secret to Success is Setting Goals

There is a little secret that successful people know and..

The Secret to Success is Setting Goals

There is a little secret that successful people know and that unsuccessful people either don’t know or are not willing to accept. That secret is goal setting. Setting 2018 goals will set you up for success for next year while not setting goals will guarantee that you stay where you are.

Why Are Setting Goals Important?

It turns out that real research has been done on this topic. And what researcher have found is that when goals are not only set but written down a person is much more likely to achieve them. Another way this can be viewed is if you aren’t setting goals and writing them down you aren’t’ serious about being successful.

Setting Goals Can be Motivational

Working towards a goal can help a person become motivated to achieve the goal. For example, students who wrote academic goals compared to those who did not far surpassed their counterparts in goal accomplishment. Likewise, a person with a goal to lose weight can be equally as successful just by setting a goal.

What Success Means to You

Successful is a relative term and unique to the individual but setting goals are where the commonality exists. This practice or tool is as simple as grabbing a piece of paper and pen and jotting down the three areas where you want to see improvement. The most common areas are health, financial and spiritual. But a relationship is also top on the list. Take 15 minutes and start writing your future. There is something magical about getting your butt in the chair long enough to do this. You might find, as many people do, that you want to write more–you start to become inspired to really flush out each goal and what achieving it means to you.

Another useful way to view setting goals is that doing so creates a point of attraction. According to the law of attraction, you attract what you think about most. Setting a goal and working to achieve it consistently can only increase your chance of reaching that goal. That may seem like common sense but yet some many people don’t do this simple yet powerful tool for success. You can decide not to be that person.