Tourist Attractions in Ubud Bali

Ubud is very rich artistic and historical heritage of Bali. Here you can easily find Balinese dance studios, galleries, arts and crafts, a market selling crafts etc. Some historical relics such as temples, sacred bathing place and other attractions are also equip you while you are in Ubud,For the places to stay, you don’t need to worry, because there are so many hotels in ubud bali. Here are the attractions that you can visit while you are in Ubud, Bali.

Monkey Forest

Holy Mendala or commonly known as Monkey Forest Ubud Bali is a tourism vehicle in the form of a forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. This attraction is in demand primarily by foreign tourists, with more than 10,000 visitors per month. Monkey Forest is located at Jalan Monkey Forest, Padangtegal, Bali.

Nyuh Kuning Village

Rural atmosphere around Ubud Bali can give the feel of the real Bali to tourists. Many foreign tourists who love to stay linger in this place because of its uniqueness, its culture and its natural beauty and friendly people. This area was deliberately kept away for a little bit of modern tourism development.

Elephant Cave

This is a man-made cave in about the ninth century. The entrance of the cave carved elephant-shaped mouth of the devil, so when we entered it as if we were into the mouth of the devil. The atmosphere is dark and stuffy decorated with the smell of incense become our friend on the inside. There is also a statue of the phallus and yoni. It is said that the cave was created as a place for meditation.

In addition to the narrow entrance to the cave there are 2 pieces of sculpture that seems to be a guard, but unfortunately one of the statue has lost its head.

On the left of the cave there is a small temple, the front yard of the cave itself was created as a place of worship.

Ubud Art Market

Although known by tourists as the art market, Ubud Market is a true regular traditional markets that sell everyday needs for local communities. Interestingly, like a chameleon this market seemed to change function after passing noon, the afternoon market will turn into the art market eventually, with various sellers of goods typical of Balinese arts such as clothes and fabrics Bali, miscellaneous crafts include handbags, hats, jewelry, ornaments, paintings, various souvenirs and other products.

Yeh Pulu

If you visit Goa Gajah, time to visit Yeh Pulu, about 400 meters away from Goa elephant, can be reached by walking for about 30 minutes through the terraced rice fields, very beautiful to behold. Required guide pointing the way to it so that you do not get lost. There are many guide at the cave elephants, ask to take you to Yeh Pulu and ask how the rewards.

Yeh Pulu itself is a carved stone walls, not much to see it’s just a very calm atmosphere because rarely have visitors here and the friendliness of its people which we pass will provide a unique atmosphere of its own to fill your holiday in Bali.

Kawi Mountain

Gunung Kawi is located in Sukawati (18 km northeast of Ubud). Open every day at 07: 00-05: 00. This place is a cemetery of King Children Wungsu and his wives, which were made in about the eleventh century.

To reach this site we had to walk down a pretty in as many as 371 steps. Before going in we’re past the beautiful rice fields.

Gunung Kawi temple building itself is carved on a stone wall with a height of about 7 meters. Entrance ticket for visitors is Rp. 15,000 already includes the lease of cloth gloves because we are going into the temple area. In certain areas we are even required to remove footwear.

Pura Kehen

Located on Jl. Sriwijaya, Bangli, just north of downtown Bangli or about 30 minutes from Ubud. Pura Kehen can be regarded as the most interesting temple in Bali, Pura Kehen is shaped temple old temple building is old and very beautiful, filled with intricate carvings and beautiful. Visitors of the temple is not too much, so it was very enjoyable. This temple was built around the year 1206, and has the highest Meru with 11 levels. Because this area is a place of worship, to enter into it you have to dress smartly and use gloves.

Puri Saren Agung

 Located on Jl. Raya Ubud, a former royal palace Ubud used until about the 1940s, even some royal descendants still live in the Puri Saren Agung until today. The place is very strategic because it is right in the center of the tourist village, close to Ubud market and the performing arts. Currently the Puri Saren Agung also be used as a hotel.

Tirta Empul

Located in the village of Tampaksiring about 20 km northeast of Ubud. One of the most sacred temple in Bali are built around hot springs which are still active today. The Balinese come here to bathe and cleanse themselves physically and spiritually.

Bali Coffee travel

For you coffee lovers, not too far from the center of Ubud tourism are the tourist center coffee Bali is very well known, packaged tours ala agro this tour invites tourists to see directly even involved in coffee processing involves picking coffee cherries to the stage of processing coffee ,

Nature Rafting & Cycling

Besides visiting the attractions above, you can try cross country adventure with cycling through the countryside and rice fields or rafting on the Ayung river. Ayung River itself is a valley with beautiful views. Because of its beauty in this location there is an upscale resort in Ubud like For Seasons and Amandari Hotel.