What is the Overall Trend for Website Development in 2017?

A few trends for web development in 2017 are dominating..

What is the Overall Trend for Website Development in 2017?

A few trends for web development in 2017 are dominating the conversation. Designers are leaning towards that is less flat and a little richer. Geometric simplicity is a major theme moving forward. But, one particular “tone” or theme is encapsulating a lot of what will likely make 2017 a very special year for web design. As things have gotten busier in the last few years, 2017 designers will roll things back to a more manageable level.

Stripping Down

It won’t take a lot of website visits to see that the web is turning into a cluttered mess. This is not in reference to the whole web, but the individual websites that make it up. Websites are becoming cluttered. After years of developing sidebars, social media pages, redirects, and everything else that draws in traffic, designers have forgotten the cardinal rule- make content that is worth looking at.

There will be an overwhelming trend towards minimalism in a slightly different degree. Minimalism will be present in the aesthetic design, but it will also be present in the functional design. Designers will trim the excess and use what has been working based on their many experiments of the last few years.

“Choose Your Weapon”

The above will lead directly into another major trend of 2017 Website Development. This is the simplifying of the vast arsenal the web allows into a few overall strategies. Take, for example, social media. Few would argue that social media is superfluous. But, it may be excessive if used incorrectly. Brand developers may decide on one or two channels to use, such as a main social media outlet that will be on the website and a second platform that will act as a backup. In other words, designers will choose a pointed and influential arsenal, as opposed to bringing the entire armory.

The above trends focus on simplification. It will be the reigning theme for 2017. After all the many strategies have been tested and tried, designers are just going to get rid of what doesn’t work. They will pivot towards what has worked, and the result will be a cleaner website.