3 Styles of Magazine Racks To Make An Impact Professionally

Magazine racks are available in many styles and configurations to choose from including: counter top, wall mounted and floor-standing displays

By understanding the many different styles, types, and materials, you will be able to see exactly what your choices are to make the best possible decision to satisfy your company’s particular style and budget.

1. Counter Top and Table Top Magazine Holders
These literature holders offer many possibilities for displaying magazines in a retail, office, or professional area. Counter top magazine racks keep counters and tables clutter-free and provide an aesthetically pleasing way for guests to see magazines on display.
Available in single or multi-pocket versions, counter top magazine holders are often tiered, show magazines side by side, incorporate sign holders or business card holders (for further networking and advertising), and many even rotate to accommodate several magazines at once without making a mess.

2. Wall Mounted Magazine Racks
Wall mounted magazine holders free up counters and tables and fill in empty wall space. These literature holders are often displayed in an office or business type of environment. However, there are also outdoor mountable versions that are popular with real estate agents and other businesses, to offer “take one” literature after business hours. Wall mounted magazine racks bring reading material up to a person’s eye-level, and also arrange literature without taking up any table space. Similar to counter top models, wall mounted magazine racks can be single pocket holders, or multi-pocket, as well as adjustable displays designed to hold standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ type materials and smaller sized pamphlets/brochures. Many adjustable magazine holders even accommodate for all sizes to be displayed together and can be configured to meet your needs.

3. Floor Standing Magazine Racks
In highly trafficked areas, floor standing magazine racks are great for displaying a multitude of literature. Offered many styles, depending on your particular need and purpose, free-standing racks may come with an open-front design, a rotating mechanism, and many are even portable. Open front floor standing displays are for showcasing a large number of publications, and are typically found in store entryways for optimal visibility. Rotating magazine stands are engineered with turn style bases for 360 degree rotation. These not only hold a great deal of information, a rotating stand also creates an interactive display allowing the guest to turn the stand to find the publication they would like. Portable magazine racks are ideal to use at an event, like a trade show exhibit, where they can be packed up at a moment’s notice. Portable magazine racks are intended for use at trade shows, conventions or exhibits. They are thinner, compact, transportable, and set up quickly to showcase new products and services to visitors, potential clients, and other guests. Many portable systems even come with a carrying case for your traveling convenience.

Today’s magazine racks are all built with high quality and durability in mind. You will find magazine racks anywhere from bookstores and libraries, to trade shows and car showrooms; as well as in salons, business offices, and all professional waiting areas. Fabricated from a large variety of materials, including acrylic, cardboard, wooden and wire, there is a magazine rack to meet every budget. If you are looking to revitalize your décor by organizing your promotional literature effectively in a public, professional or commercial environment, investing in the right magazine racks to suit you and your budget is essential. Store owners and office managers alike can keep guests entertained while they wait for service, as well as maintain effectively organized reading materials, by purchasing suitable magazine racks.

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