Any Advantage in Getting Out of Credit Card?

Unlike previously where a credit card has become an urban lifestyle urban communities, now banks have been aiming for all people to use credit cards as a means of their transactions. In addition to the requirements of credit card ownership is not too much for the workers, now even a credit card may also be made by new entrepreneurs and even students, you just need to follow the application process and then the bank will analyze whether you are eligible to get a credit card. It’s certainly not only a requirement of filing easier, now credit cards also offer many features such on that benefit customers so this certainly is an attraction for new customers.

In addition to the above factors, a lot of advantages that you can get by using a credit card, this article will describe how to profit if you use a credit card.
The many advantages when you use a credit card

Discounts and cashback

One of the reasons why people use credit cards is the amount of cashback and discounts if you use certain credit cards, it would be very helpful financial health you become more efficient.

With quite bring the credit card you can buy anything just by using card is of course the price of the goods shall not exceed the limit given, it certainly helps you who do not like to carry too much cash. The difference with the discharge is you do not need to go to the nearest ATM to withdraw money only when the debit and you must save a certain amount of the advance with a credit card you do not need to save in advance just to shop using such devices.

In the era of online shop as it is now very deeply felt the benefits of using a credit card because you do not have to go to an ATM and then bring the voucher to be uploaded, with credit cards can all be done only at home.


Although it may be a credit card being misused by the bad guys, but that would be safer to use a credit card because you can sue a case for blocking if a credit card is lost or stolen. (Read: guidelines for using the right credit card. Lately all credit card issuers in Indonesia are required to use 3D Secure on their card, 3DS stands 3 Domain Secure. 3DS will provide protection where the credit card charge are three parties, namely the Bank who took the money, a credit card-issuing bank and Payment Gateway & Merchant (Systems that process transactions). System commonly used for a number of online stores that process their online transactions secure.

Warranty and insurance

Another advantage of using a credit card is a credit card-issuing bank provides insurance to customers who buy goods in damaged condition via online or offline. Some credit cards will provide guarantee in the form of a new item or replace it with money, although not all credit card issuers provide such assurance. Some credit cards also offer free insurance, here is types of credit cards that offer insurance.