Art Galleries and Its Presentation of Contemporary Art

Places, where art is exhibited and on occasion sold to make a profit of some kind, are known as art galleries. The disparity between an art gallery and an art museum is simple. An art gallery is a place where art is exhibited for the purpose of it being sold to make money. An art museum is a place where the most illustrious art in the world hangs, and it is not for sale. The primary function of an art gallery is selling art because it needs the profit from any sale to flourish.

Mark Borghi Fine Art was founded in 1998 in New York City. A gallery displays art for the gratification of others, with the additional benefit of being able to procure their favorite pieces when the exhibit concludes. This means that depending on how often shows are conducted, the gallery changes frequently. A gallery time and again puts together a show based on the work of one person artist with the option of work from other artists put together. Visual art is the universal form shown in a gallery, with paintings being the most well-liked. Artists who are photographers or sculptors are able to exhibit their work as well. Unlike museums, galleries usually collect a commission from each piece that is sold. Hardly ever is admission charged, although there are some galleries that choose to do things that way. At times, artists are supported by grants, and they are able to win prizes and awards.

Contemporary art is a word used to describe the modern era of art. Though there is conjecture, it is thought that art developed since World War II until present day is considered modern-day art. When discussing contemporary art, there is no reference to an explicit style of art. It is put on display in many ways. There are publicly funded arts organizations, contemporary art galleries, contemporary art museums, or by the artists themselves. Most modern-day art galleries like Mark Borghi are found clustered together in certain regions of bigger cities, although medium-sized cities are identified to have one or two galleries for local artists. Businesses are becoming more and more a part of the contemporary art world by sponsoring and organizing local art galleries, and even exhibiting some inside their own walls.

Modern-day art galleries have been assessed because of their showing of art that is not well thought-out by others to be the art of this form. Art created by common people is exactly what contemporary art is, but there are always skeptics somewhere. At times, contemporary art can be at odds with the planet because of what is thought to be art and what is not. Respected galleries and other institutions are under conflagration because of the thought that they do not share another standpoint. It goes back to the age-old question of what is art, and what represents it to be so. Though, it does not stop those ambitious artists out there who want to get their work out there.