Buying a Treadmill? 3 Mistakes Most Buyers Make

Buying a treadmill? Did you know there are several mistakes many new buyers make? I’ve made them – and I’ve heard from many people who have also made them.

But if you can avoid these mistakes, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Here are 3 simple mistakes that most new buyers make – followed by 3 tips for buying a treadmill at a discount.

#1 Buying A Cheap Treadmill To Run On

Running takes a toll on the body. It stresses the joints and ligaments. Because of this, runners need a higher quality of treadmill with high-end cushioning and a super strong deck.

But, far too often, people get lured into the bargain buys and go cheap on their treadmill. They get a ‘deal’ and buy a discount treadmill with below average construction and poor cushioning.

While this kind of treadmill may be alright for occasional walking, it’s not good enough for runners. Before they know it they have all kinds of injuries – all from running on a cheaply built treadmill.

I know of one woman who could barely walk after 3 months running on a cheap treadmill. She’d strained her hips and had to wait for another 2 months before she could run again (on a different treadmill of course!).

If you – or anyone else in your family – is planning to run, skip the cheap department store treadmills. Go for something that’s well made with strong deck and excellent cushioning system. It could save you a lot of pain and expensive visits to the doctor.

#2 Not Counting The Extra Costs When Comparing Prices

Most people will compare prices on the treadmill they want – and with the Internet, it’s easy to do. But they often forget to add in the extra costs when doing their comparison.

For example, the local store may offer your treadmill for $100 less than the online store – but they’ll charge you $200 to ship it. Many online sellers offer free shipping. That makes it $100 more expensive to buy from the store than online.

Then there’s also sales tax at your local store – whereas many online sellers (at least at the time of this writing) won’t charge you sales tax.

So when comparing prices, make sure to figure in all costs to get an accurate take on which treadmill is cheaper.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a treadmill mat, magazine holder, laptop holder, handweights, etc. These are all incidentals that can also add to the bottom line.

#3 Getting Seduced by the Treadmill Goodies

Goodies on a treadmill can turn a boring old workout into your own personal entertainment station. And there are more being added to treadmills each year. You can find TV’s, iPod docks, speaker systems, personal trainer workouts and even wireless Internet connections.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a treadmill with lots of goodies. Just don’t let that seduce you into buying a cheap treadmill that doesn’t have the basics that you need. Basics like a high powered motor, long belt, strong deck, protective cushioning, lengthy warranty, etc.

If the basics are there, go for the fun stuff. Just don’t be seduced into buying a treadmill based on the goodies alone.

So those are 3 things to watch out for when buying a treadmill. How do you get a great deal? Here are 3 quick tips to get a discount treadmill.

#1) Shop Online

Most people these days know they can get a better deal online than at their local store. You get a wider selection and can save on things like shipping and taxes. You can also do a lot more research. Plus, if you’re looking for the latest years model, many online manufacturers will have them before the stores do.

#2) Time It Right

Certain times of the year are better than others to buy a treadmill. For example in high seasons like winter and holidays (when people tend to buy treadmills to offset all of the extra eating they did on the holidays), many sellers will drop their prices. In the summer, you can still get sales if you know where to look – but they aren’t as easy to find.

#3) Do Your Research

Many online retailers will give websites like mine (which reviews treadmills) special coupons for their visitors so that people can save even more money. These coupons come and go – and can be turned off by the retailer at any time.

But they can save you a lot if you can find them. I’ve gotten coupons for my visitors for as much as $400 off a treadmill. It’s a nice bonus for people who are researching treadmills to come across a coupon that can save them some money.

So those are 3 mistakes to avoid when buying a treadmill and 3 ways to find your best discount treadmill deal. Take your time before deciding as there are lots of options out there. You’re in the driver’s seat so have fun!