Movies in Kolkata – Evolvement From The Days Gone By

Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal had witness colonialism under the British Empire when it was the capital of the country under the rule of British East India Company. This city and its people, therefore, evolved with a cultural spirit that was derived by the culmination of Indian traditions and customs with underlying British and Western influence. The city has witnessed the birth and growth of the likes of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Rabindranath Tagore, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Subhash Chandra Bose, Satyajit Ray and such other luminaries over a period of time.

Kolkata has been always being regarded as the origin of art movies in India. Though with age and time, commercial films also started to be produced in the city, Bengalis globally take immense pride in the work of visionaries like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Ritwik Ghatak  and others that have made films that were fodder for thoughts and changes in the society. Other than movies, literature is another source of pride for the native Bengali with the likes of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Rabindranath Tagore who not only penned the national song and the national anthem of India respectively, they also showed the way for generations to come to embrace literature and music as part of their being. The city appreciates and encourages all forms of arts with ample scope for people to not only watch movies in Kolkata, and participate in the Calcutta Book Fair; they also equally motivate young musicians, dancers, artists of folk-theatre groups called Jatras to survive and grow in the city.

The present generation here loves to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies in Kolkata. With the growth and development of the real estate sector in the city, malls and multiplex culture has caught up fast with the youngsters here. With world-class and modern amenities and super luxury features, these multiplexes, still in the nascent stage, have been able to successfully overwhelm the people of the state. Huge screens with amazing 2D and 3D images, perfect sound quality, best seating arrangement – multiplex auditoriums are providing some of the best experiences of watching a movie in Kolkata.

Not that, single-screen halls do not exist here anymore. They do, but the attendance is barely enough to keep the owners going. These halls, in order to survive, generally sell tickets that are quite economical and feature movies that find viewership only amongst the not-so elite class of people. In the multiplex theater it is not only the movie, the screen and the sound that is a differentiator, there are other things like a posh lobby, food and beverages counters that sell fast food and aerated drinks, tea, coffee, nicely built spic and span wash areas – amenities that come at a price, charged exorbitantly at times but nonetheless offering a sense of feeling of fulfilment and enjoyment to the viewer that probably the single screen movie hall could never have delivered. Watching a movie in Kolkata could … Read More

Why Should You Hire Video Producing Company for Your Business

Movie production and movie production is a common and quickest growing field. These days, almost all of the videos and movies employ video creation services. This leads it production companies hired by way of a lot of companies. The achievements of a company are centered on the brand videos that they make. For this reason, the majority of the companies hire the services of video production company. However, you will find a common question among almost all of the people why hire a creation company?

A video creation company or a visible effects company like VFX Los Angeles exposes multiple benefits to the commercial front when it is hired. Here are some of the common reasons for hiring such companies.

When it comes to commercial video clip making or movie making maintaining the target time is an important aspect. Hiring a reputed VFX and video making company will saves time of the commercial unit to a greater extent. If the startup company is appointed it takes a great deal of time to complete the project and is just not finish the project on time.


Clearly, a company without reputation will not be able to design the motion graphics for the brand image of the company. It lacks the valuable info about the latest trend of the market. Thus, the video clip might not be as per the targeted market for the brand reputation. On the other palm, an experienced visual outcomes or video production company will deliver the top grade content with the proper finishing touch and professional style presentation to strike the target audience with apt objective and in sync with market force.

Often, companies need group of videos so that it can illustrate the ideas effectively as well as develop a proper online reputation of the brand as a whole. Hence, steady quality of the animation and motion visuals is very important which is merely possible by experts’ hand with years of experience in the video clip production company.


An additional important aspect is the creativity. A video without creativeness will look uninteresting and unprofessional. This is because it is one of the important factor of any brand video clip as it gives it an progressive content and theme for the company. Also, the creative content of the video matches the market trends in order to give the proper format of the company. Which why almost all of the commercial units choose reputed video clip production company for their brand video making.

The lot of VFX Los Angeles Company offer visual effects, animation and movement graphics services for their clients. Thus in general, the motion graphics play a essential role in the crafting and designing of the trademark video for the company. Content quality, time conserving, creative imagination and consistency are the most crucial reasons that make commercial units hire an animation company. In certain cases, it does not suit for small businesses but suits best for large companies that need good online reputation. On the … Read More

Exciting Activities at Weekend with Family

Weekend is the most appropriate time to watch movies online such comedy movies to watch with your closest people. At times like this weekend people will flock to take some very fun activities to spend their leisure times. Of course, for those who are married, weekend is one of the best time to provide quality time for the family. Undoubtedly, this is becoming one of the best options for anyone who currently wants to get entertainment on weekends. You can get quality weekend time by watching your favorite family movies on Of course, this thing you can do at no charge at all. This will be a pretty interesting weekend for you and your family.

Watching movies online at this weekend will of course become the cheapest and most practical means of entertainment. You do not need to pay for your petrol to go to the movies. The most important thing, you can enjoy without having to jostle queue to buy tickets to favorite movies in the cinema. When watching movies online, you will be able to spend a very long time by directly enjoying various movie titles at once that you can watch for free. In contrast to watching in the movies, you can only watch one movie title every time you go to the movies. Of course, when you buy tickets for only one movie title. So, this will save you money when you decide to access a site that provides free movies for free.

Watching movies online on weekends can be one of the most enjoyable agendas when you do it on a regular basis. You can select movie titles with different movie genres each session you watch. So that, you will have enough collection of movies that you can tell your friends that you’ve watched films that are in great demand by many people.… Read More