Digitizing Magazines or Not

There can be several advantages to digitizing magazine publications which are already out on print. You can get the benefits of being online without spending as much as you do for printing your publication.

There are a lot of overhead costs in printing a publication but these costs are not associated with your online version. There are also various options you can go for in the online publication.

Zinio, NXTbook Media, idigitaledition, Ceros are among the different websites that are online to help you digitize. But these are not free. Ceros charges 10.50 pounds per page. As you can see, some of these options are expensive. If the above listed companies are not suitable for you, then you can always do a Google search for more companies, though I could not find any more than those listed above.

There are two (possibly well-known) websites which allow you to publish online and these are Scribd and Yudu. You can upload a PDF file (or whatever other format) onto the website and then the publication will be seen by your readers and they will also be allowed to download it at no cost. If you want the web publication to be a paid service then you can go for the premium services of Scribd or Yudu. Some of Scribd’s competitors are: Docstoc, doXtop, edocr, SlideShare, Webook, Imageloop, ThinkFree Docs, wePapers.

There aren’t many disadvantages to online publications considering the fact that more people are going online than, say, a few years ago. But before you transition online be sure to check out all of the sites mentioned above, so that in the future you don’t regret your move.