Five Ways to Save Money on Your Next NBA Game

Getting the best deals on the best seats to NBA games requires patience and a little research. Some tips might not be possible to do all at once but utilizing one or two can save money. If you need a large amount of tickets, keep in mind that seats might be spread out. Some groups would rather stay together, and that’s one sacrifice buyers will have to consider.

Five Ways to Pay Less for Tickets

Buy tickets for games on Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday. Venues often have more seats available on these nights due to school and work. People generally don’t want to be out late when they have to get up early. Plan ahead and check for games on the NBA website that fall on these days to rake in some savings. The weeknight tip will work with other sporting and concert events.

Early season tickets generally cost less. October-December are the prime months for low ticket prices. More people are spending time with family and gearing up for the holidays, so less people are attending sporting events. Some exceptions might apply, such as a popular away team, but buyers will generally spend far less than later in the season, especially if the home team is a playoff contender. Take advantage of this time and catch a few games.

Buy cheap NBA tickets on the week leading to or the day of the game. This may seem counterproductive or risky, but if used in conjunction with a Tuesday or Monday night game during October-December, chances of scoring cheap tickets is high. Venues with too many tickets will slash prices until sold out or the event starts. This could mean 25% savings or more since venues want to avoid blackouts and often will sell tickets below face value.

Avoid popular away teams. Some visiting teams can lead to price increases while other, less popular teams can lower costs. Unless this is the home team, avoid games with the Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Golden State Warriors to save money. The Charlotte Hornets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Orlando Magic can lead to cheaper tickets. Do a little research on past ticket sales and pick up on the trends to discover other money saving away teams. This tip works with other sports too.

Take a road trip with the home team. This tip works best if already on vacation, on the road and passing through, on a business trip, or the team’s city is within a day’s drive. This way traveling costs are less of a concern since the idea is to save money. Still, a trip with a favorite team can be a rewarding experience for fans and a vacation in itself. Look for teams that have cheaper tickets already, like Detroit Pistons, Utah Jazz, and the New Orleans Pelicans. Avoid higher cost teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and Golden State Warriors, and keep in mind that prices can drastically change from season to season.