How Does Every Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaner Vary?

There are many models of polarized media offered, but given that each company need to use a “patented” system, each model may possibly vary marginally. Very first I will record each of the producers.

  • Electro Breeze Air Cleaner, Ltd.- manufactures the Aeriale, Electro Filter, Leading Just one and the Electro Breeze models.

  • Dynamic Air Good quality Methods (Engineering Dynamics Team)- manufactures the Natures Dwelling Micro Energy Guard, Just one Hour Xenon Micro Energy Guard and the Dynamic models.

  • Envirosept International Division- manufactures the Sta-Med, Ease and comfort Pure and the Envirosept models.

  • Cimatec, Inc.- (no extended in business) manufactures the AirScreen and ToxBox models.

  • TFI, Inc.- manufactures the Goodman G1EAC, the Amana G1EAC and the Totaline CG1000.

Considering that each of these producers need to change their design so they do not infringe on each other’s patents, you will also find some variation in procedure performance. That is to say, that some catch particles greater than other people.

The very same technology is employed for all of the polarized media digital air cleaners, but given that the Envirosept, Cimatec and TFI, Inc. filters use a middle display screen and lessen top quality pads, the air cleaning performance is calculated at the one micron stage. A micron is one particular millionth of a meter. The Electro Breeze and Dynamic digital air cleaners are much excellent in performance and are calculated down to .3 microns. This may possibly not seem like significantly of a difference, but allergens, microorganisms and viruses are lesser than one micron and reside in the assortment of filtration identified in the Electro Breeze and Dynamic digital air cleaners.

Sometimes when a firm models their products for other people, they have to make it glimpse diverse from their individual model. So much, Electro Breeze air cleaners glimpse extremely identical with improvements only to packaging and labeling. On the other hand, Dynamic Air Good quality Options has modified the color of the pads on the Natures Dwelling Micro Energy Guard and the Just one Hour Xenon Micro Energy Guard to glimpse yellow. Their individual digital air cleaners use the blue pads like the Electro Breeze. In simple fact, the digital air cleaner substitute pads are wholly interchangeable concerning the Electro Breeze and any of the Dynamic digital air cleaners.

Just one other thing to consider to observe about the diverse producers is that they each present diverse warranties. The Electro Breeze, Envirosept and Dynamic models each carry a five-12 months guarantee, though the TFI, Inc. models only carry a two-12 months guarantee. Now that Cimatec is out of business, you may possibly have some issues obtaining repairs on your unit.

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