How to Edit Photos with Ease on Your Mac

 Movavi Photo Editor for Mac can help you with all the editing that you need for your photos. It features an object removal tool that is much easier to use compared to a clone stamp tool. Sometimes, it is hard to clone stamp an area and you end up distorting the whole image even after spending a lot of time on it. Movavi Photo Editor now presents an easier way for you to clone stamp the flaws to remove it from the photo.


The object removal tool offers a brush tool that you can use to draw strokes in two colors including red and green. You can find the brush tool under the Object Removal tab. You should select the red brush tool when you want to mark the unwanted object. You can select green brush tool if you want to mark objects that you want to remain on the photo.


If you want to cut out a certain object, you must navigate to the background removal tab. you are to select the green brush tool and mark the object you want to cut out. It is best to mark the object you want to cut out one at a time instead of marking multiple items.


In this way, you don’t have to crop them and save them in different files afterwards. Movavi Photo Editor for Mac allows you to use a subtitute background as the new background so that the photo looks even more interesting.


You will also find Movavi Mac Photo Editor for Mac useful when you want to resize a photo. The photos from your camera roll folder of your camera are at the maximum size and too large for saving on the computer. You can reduce the size of the photos in the camera roll folder to the size that you need for your purpose with the resize tool in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac.


In the Resize tab, it will show the original size of the photo. You can reduce the size of the photo by entering a lesser width or height than the current image size. The width or height will automatically be adjusted so that the photo’s proportion will be maintained.


You can add text watermarks to your photo with the Text tool. Movavi Photo Editor for Mac allows you to adjust the opacity of the text so that the text does not look so prominent. By default, the opacity of the text added on the photo is 100. The lesser the value of the opacity, the fader the text will appear.


The crop tool allows you to crop off the extra spaces on your photo so that the important details will appear stand out on the photo. The text rotation tool is the tool to use if you would like the text to appear slightly slanted from the level horizontal line. You can add more than one text on the photo. When you want to delete a text, you can click on the x button on the upper left corner of the text placement.