Kompa Music, A Haitian Music Tale

Kompa music is a perfectly approved kind of Haitian music, which is a blend of drums, guitars and bass. kompa uses keyboard instruments like piano, synthesisers, organ, and so on. There are bands of Haitian musicians who focus only on Kompa music. Kompa music is starting to be more and more well-liked all over the world. The Son Lari a (Seem of the road) is specifically preferred by Haitian youth.

Currently, individuals are insane about kompa music. They want to listen their favourite haitian band every time they have leisure time. Muziklakay.com is made to give you pleasure. There are many forms of Haitian music these times: Kompa, Rasin, Rap kreyol and Rara. All these form of Haitian music are fulfilling to listen to and see at muziklakay.com. The music take you by unique feelings. Kompa music is loud and quickly than just about anything you’ve got read ahead of.

Kompa music is evolving itself and coming in a selection of types. Other kompa music kinds like kompa direct are also a kind of kompa music. Some of the kompa direct bands include Zenglen, Nu appear, Djakout and Disip. The New genaration of kompa music will come in a large selection of kinds like soft  and significant. We have band like Carimi, T-vice, and  Kreyol la that participate in a softer kind of kompa.This new audio of kompa arrived from several musical types.

In the original times, this haitian  music was admired only in smaller golf equipment and on radio.  Then, individuals could perspective their favourite Haitian bands on the television. Many of the more mature generation criticised about this new form of Haitian music as they did not like the loud and quickly lyrics.