Magazines – What They Are, Where You Can Buy Them

The size of magazines also varies, from small ‘handbag sized’ to large almost broadsheet size magazines. They also vary from glossy high gsm paper to recycled eco friendly titles. Magazines tend to be published weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, however some are published less regularly (either on a quarterly or bi-annual basis). Some scientific publications are even published annually only.

Magazines are funded through advertising, and by cover prices. Depending on the popularity of the magazine and the size of the publishing house prices for advertising can vary quite dramatically – from £50 up to thousands for a few inches of space. For popular titles this is a lucrative way to pay for writers, photography and the many other costs associated with running a magazine.

Magazines began as general interest publications, however over time as interests and social dynamics changed, so the number and variety of magazines grew. Some areas are hugely competitive, and publishers more often than not launch competitor titles to try and capture a larger market share of the magazine reading public.

Large brands often take advantage of print to publish magazines that compliment television programs, radio shows are live events. Some of these have proved to be extremely successful, particularly for the BBC, with magazines launched to accompany Top Gear, Gardener’s World and even Patrick Moore’s Sky at Night television programs. The presenters of these programs more often than not contribute to the magazines, as well as drawing on experts from many fields to build up the features and articles.

Magazines are available to buy either as single issues, or as subscriptions. You can usually buy subscriptions in one of two ways; pay up front for 6, 12 or 24 months or pay quarterly by setting up a direct debit. If you buy magazine subscriptions by paying up front, your subscription will lapse unless manually renewed before the last issue arrives. If you pay for it by direct debit however, it will continue indefinitely until you request the publisher to cancel it.

The cheapest place to buy magazine subscriptions has moved from the newsagents to online shops. Many publishers offer special online rates for their magazines, and customer benefit from a much wider range of magazine subscriptions to choose from, all in one place.