Medical Marijuana Card CA

You have probably read about them online or seen them in the news, and maybe you have even heard about them on TV:California Medical Marijuana Card.

They may seem confusing to you if you don’t fully understand their purpose. Hopefully, after reading this article they will make more sense to you, and you will be able to determine if one is possibly right for your situation. To better explain what they are, a CA medical marijuana card is a state issued patient identification card that serves two purposes: protect patients from arrest by allowing them to verify that they are legally using cannabis in California to law enforcement officers; and to allow them to gain access to marijuana dispensaries where they can buy the medicine they require.

How Many People Have a Valid Medicinal Marijuana Card CA?
There are far more people that have a card than you may think at first thought. In fact, California hosts the most progressive medical marijuana program in the nation, which now covers more than 150 different medical conditions that have been approved by the state for medicinal cannabis as treatment. A recent report that was published by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) purports that there are more than 50,000 patients in the state with a marijuana card CA at the present.

How You Can Easily Find California Medical Marijuana Doctor Thanks to the voter approved marijuana programs in California, many more marijuana clinics and medical marijuana doctors have been able to open their doors to aid patients who are suffering and who are in need. Perhaps finding them in this state is more easily accomplished than it is in other states with newer medical marijuana programs in place and fewer doctors and clinics. A few good methods of finding them include: looking up doctors online, searching through medical listings and reading reviews, or even being referred to one by your personal care doctor. Some organizations even allow you to book appointments online and enjoy the lowest rates by matching you with prescreened and caring doctors.

Checklist of Things to Bring With to a California Medical Marijuana Doctor
Once you do make an appointment to see a doctor to get your marijuana card CA, there are some important items that you should bring with you to your very first appointment. This list will help make your initial appointment go smoothly.
1. Bring your photo ID (current) or any valid and current ID.
2. Arrive a few minutes early to fill out the paperwork.
3. Make sure to bring check, cash or debit/credit card for payment.
4. Bring copies of your complete medical history.
5. Write down any questions you have so you can ask your doctor.