Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Launches a TV Channel in the US


Celebrated Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian renown evangelist. He has spread the gospel over the years, and his work is widely appreciated in many countries in various continents. He started in Africa where he is dominantly found in Nigeria and South Africa. However, he set base in the UK, US, and Canada. He has transversed many nations spreading God’s word and asking people to repent and ready themselves for salvation. Chris Oyakhilome continues to spread the gospel of the Lord in any way he finds fit with the objective of reaching many people.

Pastor ChrisOyakhilome is a healer, teacher, and TV host that has manifested the power of forgiveness and spread the gospel in many of his meetings. In Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome holds meetings across many countries and asks for God’s divine intervention for the woes of the countries. His meetings have seen the largest crowds ever seen in Christian meetings. In Nigeria alone, a night’s event attracted over 3.5 million people.

Together with Pastor Benny Hinn, Chris has made a new announcement that they have launched a new cable TV channel dubbed Loveworld USA. It will be instrumental in bringing daily devotion in your bedrooms. It is a new way they have thought of reaching many people at the same time. They will also broadcast live prayer assemblies that they will be having in various parts of the world. Those that will not be able to attend the events will need to get on the internet and view the live events.

Loveworld USA is based in California, but the world can access it from the web. The channel broadcasts prayer sessions, conferences, important meetings and songs from the preachers. Also, it will bring news, a thing that is not common to Christian channels. It is because the posters saw that news is an important part of peoples’ lives due to the awareness it creates. Therefore, time is allocated for each activity and the viewers will be satisfied. It is also a way of attracting many people into the channel.

The channel will also feature other pastors as they deliver daily devotion. Among them are Kenneth Copeland, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, Rod Parsley, and Marilyn Hickey. All of them were delighted at the launch and affirmed their commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus through the channel.

Aside from Christ Embassy, Pastor Benny Hinn has been spreading the gospel of Jesus for 43 years. He is an evangelist, and teacher who has dedicated such a long time to the service. Together with Pastor Chris, they have launched a TV channel that will revolutionize the way the message is being sent to people across the world. It is also a cheaper avenue for people to get the world and more so, the spread of the internet is a huge boost to these efforts.

Through his ministry Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has done a lot for the people of Africa and across the world. He has engaged in various philanthropic activities that were geared towards improving the lives of the less fortunate. Additionally, his ministry has spread the gospel of hard work and faith in whatever you are doing. Many people have changed their lives by listening and implementing his worlds. That is the kind of message that Loveworld TV will spread to the world.