Prison Break Season 3 Said to be "best Yet"

With the highly anticipated return of the phenomenally successful, Prison Break, on FOX next month, fans and critics alike are wondering just how well the third season of the series can possibly stack up to the monumental triumph of the first two installments. According to Dominic Purcell, who plays the lead character Lincoln Burrows, the upcoming offering promises to be even better.

“I’ve seen some cut-together stuff and it’s really impressive,” Purcell revealed in an interview with TV Guide. “When you see it, you’ll understand what I’m saying.”

E! Online provides several major details to watch out for, when Prison Break resumes in September.

First off, the series will revisit its original winning formula revolving around key characters struggling with their incarceration. When the series left off at the close of season 2, Michael Scofield, Alex Mahone, Brad Bellick and Theodore Bagwell were locked up in the South American prison called Sona.

In season 3, Scofield, Lincoln’s brother and mastermind of their daring escape from Fox River prison, commences planning their Sona jailbreak by episode five. Meanwhile, former FBI agent Mahone is doomed to a year of waiting for the start of his trial. His imprisonment becomes doubly difficult as he battles withdrawal from the pills he’d been addicted to. Former Fox River head guard Bellick is reduced to the bottom of the food chain at Sona.

Outside the confines of a correctional facility, Lincoln devotes his time and energy in locating Sara Tancredi, who finds herself with Lincoln’s son, LJ, at the hands of a mysterious stranger.

Finally, Dominic Purcell hinted at increased attention to his character in season 3. “It’s kind of been described as Lincoln in his own private little spy story,” Purcell intimated.

He also mentioned that Burrows will find himself in far more pleasant company as his alter ego is finally given a long overdue love interest.

“And it’s about time. Lincoln needs to get laid,” the actor admitted.

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