Digitizing Magazines or Not

There can be several advantages to digitizing magazine publications which are already out on print. You can get the benefits of being online without spending as much as you do for printing your publication.

There are a lot of overhead costs in printing a publication but these costs are not associated with your online version. There are also various options you can go for in the online publication.

Zinio, NXTbook Media, idigitaledition, Ceros are among the different websites that are online to help you digitize. But these are not free. Ceros charges 10.50 pounds per page. As you can see, some of these options are expensive. If the above listed companies are not suitable for you, then you can always do a Google search for more companies, though I could not find any more than those listed above.

There are two (possibly well-known) websites which allow you to publish online and these are Scribd and Yudu. You can upload a PDF file (or whatever other format) onto the website and then the publication will be seen by your readers and they will also be allowed to download it at no cost. If you want the web publication to be a paid service then you can go for the premium services of Scribd or Yudu. Some of Scribd’s competitors are: Docstoc, doXtop, edocr, SlideShare, Webook, Imageloop, ThinkFree Docs, wePapers.

There aren’t many disadvantages to online publications considering the fact that more people are going online than, say, a few years ago. But before you transition online be sure to check out all of the sites mentioned above, so that in the future you don’t regret your move.… Read More

Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions

In an age of electronic media such as websites, e-mail and cell phones, printed newspaper is still a very popular way to receive news. Spending a dollar at the newsstand everyday adds up though. There are ways to save money on newspapers.

Buying at a Newsstand versus Paying for a Subscription

It is surprising how many people buy newspapers from newsstands instead of paying for an actual subscription. When buying from newsstands, smoke shops, convenience stores or newspaper boxes, the price can be as high as a dollar or more for each newspaper. If you were to buy each newspaper individually for a month, you would be paying about twice as much as a newspaper subscription. Even if you only buy a newspaper on weekdays, you’re still paying more than a subscription.

Not only would you be saving money with a subscription, but you would also be gaining convenience. Your newspapers would be delivered right to your door every morning. You wouldn’t have to go out of your way to buy a newspaper somewhere else. Plus there would be no need to scrounge up your change each day.

Subscribing Long Term to Save Money

Almost all newspapers offer a discount to subscribers who commit to longer periods of time. If you only subscribe for a year or less, you could be paying substantially more per year. Usually the longer you commit to subscribe, the cheaper it will cost each year. It can be intimidating subscribing for longer periods. Really what is going to change next year to make you not want to read the news though? Unless you are going to move out of the delivery area, you will still want to continue your subscription.

Subscribing as a New Customer versus Re-Subscribing

Contrary to rules of good customer service, most newspapers actually offer better deals to new subscribers. You would think newspaper companies would also want to keep current subscribers happy too. They are more concerned with attaining new customers instead. These companies assume that current subscribers won’t even see new subscriber promotions.

There is usually a way to qualify for these new subscriber rates even if you are already subscribed. If you are married, you can try subscribing in your spouse’s name as a new customer. If you’re not married, a roommate might let you put the newspaper subscription in their name too. Sometimes changing your address slightly works too. For example, you could switch street to st. or any other small changes like that. If none of those options work, you can probably cancel your subscription temporarily and then subscribe again.

Subscribing Through a 3rd Party Company

Certain companies can offer newspaper subscriptions at a discounted rate. These rates are usually much lower than the rates offered directly from the newspaper publisher. Those companies essentially work for the newspaper publisher by reselling subscriptions purchased at a bulk rate. Often times the discounted newspaper subscription rates are half the price you would pay otherwise.


Saving money on a … Read More

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10 – A Cheesy Situation

Hello Guys It’s Thursday night once again.Here they are once again ready to rock our night and in this new episode of Season 3 of Jersey Shore Entitled” A Cheesy Situation”In This episode tonight another exciting twist and drama will happen tonight int this a must watched episode of jersey shore.So better sitback and relax in watching this tonight, grab your soda and pop corn and enjoy this watching online tonight or in your television.


The show is cited as a series of cultural journals phenomenon sacks record from different channels, and threw the series has also been credited as a result of the introduction of unique vocabulary and phrases in American popular culture. The series created with life after eight housemates spend the summer together in a summer action in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. See Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10


In this episode tonight “A Cheesy Situation”Sammi returns to the house; Snooki’s feelings for Vinny deepen; Mike believes a hook-up smells like cheese.The show is quoted as a cultural phenomenon, the series bagged record ratings from different channels, and the series’ cast has also been credited due to introducing unique lexicon and phrases into American popular culture. The series premiered with following the lives of eight housemates spending summer together in a summer share in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Watch Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10: A Cheesy Situation Jersey SHore A reality-based look at the vapid lives of several New Jersey 20-somethings and their respective friends and/or hook-ups.ersey Shore – now MTV’s most popular ever series – is a reality show on MTV following housemates JWoww, The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Vinny, Angelina (seasons 1-2) and Deena (season 3+) as they spend their summers together. Season 1 was filmed at the Jersey Shore; Season 2 traveled to Miami Beach; Season 3 returned to Jersey and Season 4 will follow the cast to Italy.

Jersey Shore is an American television series that reality was created December 9, 2009 in the United States. It tells the story of 8 roommates who spend their summers at the Jersey shore.… Read More

Knitting Magazine Subscriptions

Knitting is such a popular activity to many people. Some take it a hobby, a way to while time, while some have it to earn a living. Whatever is one’s purpose on doing it, it is important to keep abreast with the latest trend and styles. Also, it is advised to be in track of the latest technologies that are being released as it can make your craft even more interesting and profitable.

Do You Want Cheap Magazines Subscriptions?

There are many available sources for this information and keeping knitting magazine subscriptions is among them. Your knitting magazine subscriptions will keep you updated of what is happening in the knitting community. Besides the articles, what make such magazines interesting are the pictures and graphic illustrations that will make your following the steps and instructions much easier. Different publishers have different knitting magazine subscriptions packages. Before signing up for one, be sure to ask around which one is the best in terms of the product itself and in service. That means that you should go with the knitting magazine subscriptions that delivers the magazines right on time and without damage in the copy. Price of the subscription should also be considered. If you want to save money, you might want to try the bundles that publishers offer.

Do You Want Cheap Magazines Subscriptions?

If you want to start knitting magazine subscriptions, you begin by contacting the publisher and letting them know of the terms that you wish to be incorporated in your subscription. There are many available ways to let them know of your application, the phone and post office mail being one. All you need to do is to fill up the forms and submit the necessary requirements. If you don’t have time for this you also need not fret as you can still have your application for knitting magazine subscriptions via the internet.

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Popular Pregnancy Magazines

Pregnant for the first time and don’t know what to expect? Expecting your second and want to do it better this time? Want to have a smooth pregnancy and safe delivery? Popular pregnancy magazines are here to help you.

Popular pregnancy magazines such as Fit Pregnancy and Pregnancy magazine contains a guide for expectant mothers and those planning pregnancy. It features stories and articles related to pre-pregnancy and pregnancy periods up until childbirth. From proper nutrition, supplements, what to expect, how to deal with problems, tips and advice, popular pregnancy magazines contain all these and more.

In pregnancy magazines, experts and doctors in the field provide their comments and views related to the different stages one has to go through during pregnancy. It contains special charts and illustrations that will be useful for pregnant women during the course of their pregnancy. It also contains prescribed diets and advice on nutritious food to keep the pregnant woman in tiptop shape. It also publishes expert information on supplements necessary to take for a health pregnancy and a healthy baby. Pregnancy magazines also contain workouts to remain fit and to increase chances of easier delivery. It also publishes tips and ideas on what to do when there are delivery problems. If you want to have some ideas on maternity fashion, pregnancy mags contain them as well.

Pregnancy magazines are the ultimate guide to pregnancy. It contains a comprehensive guide for women, along with latest discoveries and developments that will surely help you manage your pregnancy even better. Pregnancy magazines are also guides for expectant fathers. While they are designed mainly for expectant mothers as audience, fathers can also learn a lot from the articles and features contained in every issue. Fathers need just as much guide as mothers do.

Popular pregnancy magazines are a must have for every expecting mother. We all know how potentially difficult pregnancy and childbirth is; you will need every help and support you can get. Browsing through magazines like these is certainly an ideal jumpstart towards having a fun, safe and ideal pregnancy.

Pregnancy magazines are widely available in your local newsstand. If you want to spend less on pregnancy magazines, you can consider getting yourself a subscription during the course of your pregnancy.… Read More

Phoenix and Tucson Police Report Over 400 Kidnappings of Americans by Mexicans

By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter. Thursday Feb 12, 2009 at 12:30 PM PST.

It is no longer just a prospect that America’s southern neighbor’s the Mexican Drug Cartels are sending hit men (assassins) into this country to kill Americans. It is an alarming development. These Mexican Drug Cartel (MDC’s) their gangs are kidnapping and killing citizens on both sides of the U.S. Mexican border. The kidnappings and killings of Americans should be providing an unexpected challenge to President Barack Obama’s new government. In its latest report anticipating possible global security risks, the U.S. Joint Forces Command states that Mexico is at risk of a “rapid and sudden collapse.”

President Barack Obama must put the drug violence in Mexico at the top of his national security agenda. While it may be premature to describe Mexico as a full-blown failed state, most experts say it is on the brink. “The situation has reached alarming proportions,” According to one high ranking Mexican government official.

In what officials caution is now a dangerous and even deadly crime wave, Phoenix, Arizona has become the kidnapping capital of America, with more incidents than any other city in the world outside of Mexico City and over 370 cases last year alone. But local authorities say Washington, DC is too obsessed with al Qaeda and other terrorists to care about what is happening in their own backyard right now, as waves of abductions hit Phoenix and other American cities. Washington is not paying enough attention. Many wonder why not?

President Obama has recently appointed Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as the new head of the Department of Homeland Security and many people hope she will deal with this dangerous situation effectively and put an end to it.

Napolitano has claimed she is a strong advocate of keeping the borders and our country safe.

Many are hoping Obama’s pick of Gov. Napolitano who has first hand knowledge of the problem will start taking action to prevent the new wave of kidnappings and killings of Americans and make our cities safer. 

Indeed, MDC’s gangs now operate in most major American cities throughout our country. The MDC’s have even published lists of Americans, including law enforcement officers, who are targeted for assassination.

The latest information is that U.S. authorities are now reporting a spike in killings, kidnappings, home invasions and public shoot outs in broad day light not only in Mexico but also here in the USA. Just today Tucson police report a day light shootout and is believed that this incident and many others like it are connected to Mexico’s murderous drug cartels. 

U.S. policymakers’ seem surprised, as much of the violence is happening not only in towns along the border as earlier believed but now they must know the bloodshed has spread a considerable distance away, in places such as Phoenix and Atlanta.

Investigators know that the violence is erupting elsewhere throughout the U.S. because the MDC’s have set up Mexican drug-trafficking operatives all over the US, and in … Read More

Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscriptions, The History

It’s interesting to look back at the origins of Cosmopolitan
Magazine, seeing their first subscription numbers (in the
25,000) range, into what it has become now. Its almost amazing
how the content has evolved over the years–from a one-time
family magazine back in the late 19th century–to what is now; a
demographic exclusive to females.

Before cosmopolitan magazine experienced world wide success,
the initial founders and editors (Schlicht & Field) went out of
business only 2 years after the company’s launch. Only after
E.D. Walker, an ex editor for Harper’s Monthly purchased the
rights to Cosmopolitan magazine did the business really take
off. He didn’t settle for the old way of doing things, with an
innovative sense he introduced book reviews, serial fiction, and
color illustrations to the magazine. Only 1 year later after
Cosmopolitans booming popularity, E.D. Walker sold the company
to John Brisben Walker, who quickly employed some of the
nation’s top writers. He went on to open a free correspondence
school, which he had to retract almost immediately after only 2
weeks more then 20,000 people signed up.

Cosmopolitan magazine was later sold to William Randolph Hearst
in 1905. He began to expand the magazine by employing top
writers, and investigative journalists. Some of the best
articles written came from the recruiting sense of William
Hearst, he employed Alfred Henry Lewis, David Graham Philips,
Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis and George Bernard
Shaw, all who went on to write some of the most famous articles
for their time.

As decades past, the magazine changed from strictly articles to
short novels and stories, sales soared (1.7 Million copies in
circulation) and over 5 million in advertising revenues in 1930.
Cosmopolitan magazine proved to be an unbelievable success,
after the Second World War magazine sales topped the 2 million
mark. Unfortunately demand for the magazines content decreased
in the 50s, circulation numbers crippled to just over a million,
despite the reduced revenue cosmopolitan magazine subscriptions
were still a profitable venture, even today Cosmopolitan is one
of the most subscribed to magazines in the world.… Read More

Children's Magazine Subscriptions

Children’s magazine subscription is a good choice for a gift. At the start, your child maybe curious about what kind of gift it is. However, when they realized that it is something new, they will be overjoyed and they will probably think of you every month expecting a new one. It is not that difficult when choosing a suitable magazine for your child. One of the best tips is when you choose, make sure that the magazine is very popular. You may find out that children are the best judge of magazines. You can look into many websites for children’s magazine subscriptions. There are many options to choose from. But selecting of those is confusing. Here are some steps on children’s magazine subscriptions.

Do You Want Cheap Magazines Subscriptions?

First step: Know the children’s interest first. You can ask some friends or siblings if unsure. Is your child wants to be a scientist? Fun of puzzles? Athletic? Well, there are lot of magazines available for every children’s interest from finance, fashion, poetry and many more.

Second step: If your child expressed unwillingness, you should consider a general interest magazine. This type of magazine involves a mix of puzzles, jokes and projects, stories, and riddles. This will look attractive to them.

Third step: You must also consider your child’s age. Kid’s toys magazines are suitable for a specific age range. Muse magazine is an example designed for ages 8 up to 14.

Do You Want Cheap Magazines Subscriptions?

Fourth step: You can look into a bookstore or newsstand if you are not sure of this area.

Fifth step: Make a selection check and collect more ideas.

Sixth step: Get a copy of those website addresses of the magazines or any phone numbers of the magazine you are interested in.

Seventh step: Children’s magazine subscription can be reviewed online, by phone or filling out some subscription card and mail together with a check.

Eight steps: Be sure you give the right addresses for billing as well as delivery.

Do You Want Cheap Magazines Subscriptions?… Read More

Newspapers will become obsolete!!

He initially moved to Sweden in the early eighties to work as a welder and a ship builder before moving to work in the digital world.

Since then he has spread his journalistic knowledge across the globe teaching people from Africa to Britain how to get the best out of the internet and digital technologies.

Mark Comerford established Europe’s first online newspaper in 1994 when he launched the website of Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper Aftonbladet.

He is a keen advocate that journalists should not be confined by what technology can currently offer, but rather make technology work for them.

– You were a welder and a shipbuilder then you started working in the digital world, what made you take this path?

There was no plan, just a series of opportunities where I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Luck and serendipity.

– What is the purpose of social media?

There is no specific purpose. Different people, organizations, companies, all use social media in different ways. At its basic level I suppose it is to allow for more and better networked communication.

– People are turning to social media and networking more and more. What benefits do social networks have for newspapers looking to reach out to their audiences in new ways?

This will be different in different circumstances. To begin with any media organization has to (re)define who its target audienc(es) are. Then the organization has to redefine what communication means. For too long communication in media has meant “ustellingthem” what the story is. News organizations (and we also need to re-examine what we mean by news) need to understand that they do not have a monopoly on the story, just on reporters view. This can never be as rich a story as one built in cooperation with those who live it.

-Do you believe newspapers will become obsolete and be entirely replaced by news websites?

If by newspapers you mean the actual printed paper, then yes. This will occur at different speeds in different areas of the world of course, the digital infrastructure has to be there for this to occur. And there will still be paper based products, they will just be very different to what we generally see as newspapers today.

– How has the development of social media affected digital media strategies at newspaper companies?

Again, this differs a lot in different regions. In general it has yet to have a strategic impact on most newspapers. There is an increased usage of video and slide shows, some use of Twitter and other social media tools, but mainly this is the result of individual journalists using them rather than a strategic decision on the part of the management.

– Are their opportunities in social media that you think newspapers could take a better advantage of?

Yes. Lots. As a way of reconnecting to a rapidly dwindling public. As a way to reinvent story building, as a Read More

The Best Ways To Distribute Ebooks With Resell Rights

When it comes to distributing a resell rights eBook, there are a number of ways in which to deliver. As the seller, you will enjoy the greatest profit by saving money where you can. This means that a digital delivery, including downloading an eBook or sending it via e-mail, may be the best and most cost efficient way to go.

As the seller, you would create an eBook and resell rights agreement. These can be separate documents that are placed in a single zip file or they can be combined into one MS Word or Adobe Acrobat file. When someone purchases your eBook with resell rights, you would simply send them an e-mail attachment containing their purchase. If your website is set up to allow instant downloads, all you will have to do is collect the payments. The best way to distribute eBooks via download is to have a payment system set up on your website, which directs paying customers to a special page that contains the eBook and resell rights agreement for immediate download.

If you don’t yet have a website or wish to attract customers beyond the internet, consider taking a venture into the world of print advertising. This means that newspaper and/or magazine readers may order your product through an ad and they may or may not have access to the internet. As the seller, this means that you will need an alternate way of distributing your eBook with resell rights. The best way to accommodate mailed orders is to create a CD-Rom that contains your eBook and the resell license.

While considering the various options to distribute eBooks with resell rights, take a moment to think about the different ways of making sure your distribution numbers remain high. These include:

$If possible, include one or more bonuses with your eBook distribution package. This may be an extra report or resell license that will make shoppers even more eager to buy from you.

$As strange as this may sound, never lower your price. There will always be competition and someone will always be waiting to sell their product at a lower price than yours, but the key to success is not all about having the lowest price. Instead, it’s about having the best deal and this can be accomplished by offering bonuses, free newsletters or simply by providing the best quality product on the market.

$Whether you are creating a sales page online or to be used for print advertising, make it professional. A clean, polished appearance will win out over an ad with too much clutter any day of the week.

At the end of the day, perhaps the best way to distribute eBooks with reseller rights is to offer customers a variety of choices. For those who prefer an instant download, provide a payment system through your website. For those who wish to receive delivery via e-mail, promise to send the file within 24 hours of receiving payment. And finally, for the customers who have … Read More