The Eagles Resort California And Its Secret

People who grew up listening to the Eagles may well remember when the track Resort California came out. It wasn’t lengthy that rumors started circulating about the song’s mystical this means. Before lengthy, spiritual zealots identified it was composed about Satanism, or the church of Satan. The track then grew to become tied in with quite a few other music considered to be evil, these kinds of as Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, and little ones were possibly compelled to stop listening or had to listen to it in secrecy.

So what does the track Resort California seriously stand for or what is it about, you may well check with? Moreover the speculation of it currently being about Satanism there has been guesses at the theme symbolizing madness, drug dependancy, temptation, and shallow associations. Associates of the band is not going to break the track out line by line to demonstrate its this means but general say it is about the hedonism of the United States and the destruction of the Southern California music market. Don Henley, band member who wrote most of the track provides, “it is really fundamentally a track about the dark underbelly of the American aspiration and about excessive in The usa, which is anything we realized a lot about.”

In an job interview with ZigZag magazine in advance of the album’s launch, Henley extra “This is a notion album, there’s not way to conceal it, but it is really not established in the previous West, the cowboy point, you know. It’s additional city this time…it’s our bicentennial 12 months, you know, the nation is 200 years previous, so we figured considering that we are the Eagles and the Eagle is our national symbol, that we were obliged to make some type of minimal bicentennial assertion employing California as a microcosm of the complete United States or the complete environment, if you will, and try out to wake folks up and say, “we’ve been ok so considerably, for 200 years, but we’re gonna have to transform if we’re gonna proceed to be about.”

Inspite of the rationalization there are some who have tried to capitalize on the song’s results. Operator of the hotel in Mexico, Todos Santos, say his hotel was property to the Eagles who wrote Resort California from its rooms. Rumor turned into legend.  According to, none of the Eagles band members ever stayed in the hotel.

Other individuals say Resort California was the nickname of the Camarillo  State psychiatric hospital in the vicinity of Los Angeles. But there have been no specifics to verify that possibly. Other odd rumors about the album include: it is really a spot ran by cannibals who only just take friends that they serve up for dinner – this is based mostly on the lyrics “You can examine in any time you like, but you can hardly ever depart.”

Or the track is about drug dependancy because of to the lyrics, “Heat scent of colitis growing by means of the air”, which does refer to the scent of burning marijuana, and that Resort California is a code identify for cocaine use and the journey into dependancy.

Then there is the perception that the Resort California stand for satanic grasp Aleister Crowley’s mansion in the vicinity of Loch Ness, where by strange happenings occurred. Crowley’s nickname was “The Beast”.

Inspite of the rumors, the track was a results, and the album Resort California ranked among the 20 best-promoting albums in the United States. And there definitely is no secret in the reality the album sold about 16 million copies in the U.S. by itself and was #one for eight months in early 1977.