The Popularity of Newspapers: a Few Reasons

Newspapers serve news. With rates of literacy going up there is an increase in the margin of newspaper readership. Nobody wants to be left out of the purview of newspapers. Everybody wants to read one. People who are unable to read want others to read newspapers out to them. Even people in a country like India with low literacy rates have now taken to newspapers big time for their daily dose of Tamil Nadu news or UP News or West Bengal news. In fact, newspapers are extremely popular in India. They are published in variety of regional dialects apart from the three principal tongues of Hindi, Urdu and English. They are read with great interest, even listened to with an equal amount of interest and seem to exert tremendous influence on every individual.

  • The principal function of newspapers is to bring news belonging to far away corners. For example, one may be able to read Tamil Nadu news from Kashmir or up News sitting in Andhra Pradesh or know everything about the latest West Bengal news from Maharashtra. News is the chief USP of every newspaper. They are instrumental in informing us about the stuff that is happening not only in our country but in other nations of the world as well. It would be difficult to imagine a world without newspapers. Our universe would have become a restricted one without them.
  • India is a democracy and in a country like ours newspapers are one of the major factors behind the creation of public opinion. People would ideally comment on current affairs and end up appreciating the present Government strategy. Through news from Tamil Nadu people in North India get to know about the problems faced by citizens out there. Again, Bengal news tells so much about the conduct of political parties there. It is after a thorough assessment of all such news that people form an opinion about certain matters.
  • Apart from the above functions newspapers may also be regarded as an important means of communication between the Government and its people. Governments place their policies through newspapers. For example, local Governments in Tamil Nadu will choose Tamil Nadu newspapers to put forth their policies before the public. The same applies in case of up newspapers and the governments out there or for so many other states of India.
  • Newspapers are also one of the principal means for advertisements. They help trade and commerce. If an industrialist is eyeing an expansion of profit margins, he may as well place ads in newspapers. Be it a Tamil Nadu newspaper or any other state news papers advertisements have come to occupy a special place everywhere.

India may have several states and their news papers may be different but the same feelings are floated through them obviously. One cannot ignore the fact that whether Tamil Nadu news, UP news or west Bengal news it is ultimately Indian news altogether.